Ron Kastner


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Talking Heads Minetta Lane Theatre 04/06/2003 Producer
2 Jesus Hopped the A train East 13th Street/CSC Theatre 11/29/2000 Producer
3 Family Week Century Center For The Performing Arts 04/10/2000 Producer
4 Beautiful Thing Cherry Lane Theatre 02/14/1999 Producer
5 The Primary English Class Minetta Lane Theatre 11/15/1998 Producer
6 The Hairy Ape Selwyn Theatre 04/03/1997 Associate Producer
7 Pounding Nails in the Floor Minetta Lane Theatre 02/03/1994 Producer
8 Aven' U Boys John Houseman Theatre 02/23/1993 Producer
9 Oleanna Orpheum Theatre 10/03/1992 Producer
10 One Neck Linda Gross Theater 06/03/1992 Producer