Fran Malis


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Shout From the Rooftops Renata Theatre 10/28/1964 Whitey
2 The Bald Soprano / The Lesson1 Gate Theatre 09/17/1963 Mrs. Smith
3 The Bald Soprano / The Lesson2 Gate Theatre 09/17/1963 The Maid
4 The Laundry Gate Theatre 02/13/1963 Yvonne
5 Wretched the Lionhearted / A Toy For the Clowns East End Theatre 09/12/1962 Mamie (A Toy)
6 The Dark Lady of the Sonnets / The Admirable Bashville3 Cherry Lane Theatre 02/20/1956 Adelaide Gisbourne

1The Bald Soprano.
2The Lesson.
3The Admirable Bashville.