Troy Hourie


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 (A)loft Modulation A.R.T./New York Theatres/ Mezzanine Theatre 10/02/2019 Set Designer
2 A More Perfect Union East 13th Street/CSC Theatre 05/12/2009 Set Designer
3 Three Sisters Harlem Stage/ Gatehouse Theatre 02/18/2009 Set Designer
4 Trojan Women Harlem Stage/ Gatehouse Theatre 01/17/2008 Set Designer
5 Black Nativity The Duke on 42nd Street 11/30/2007 Set Designer
6 (The Blood) Electra HSA Theatre 05/31/2007 Production Designer
7 Marat Sade HSA Theatre 02/02/2007 Set Designer
8 Dutchman Cherry Lane Theatre 01/16/2007 Set Designer
9 King Lear HSA Theatre 10/04/2006 Set Designer
10 Waiting for Godot HSA Theatre 05/18/2006 Set Designer
11 Funnyhouse of a Negro HSA Theatre 01/20/2006 Set Designer
12 Caligula HSA Theatre 04/01/2005 Set Designer
13 The Cherry Orchard HSA Theatre 02/04/2005 Set Designer
14 Dream on Monkey Mountain HSA Theatre 10/03/2003 Set Designer
15 Temporary Help Revelation Theater 11/17/2002 Set Designer
16 Havana Is Waiting Cherry Lane Theatre 10/24/2001 Set Designer
17 Our Sinatra Blue Angel 12/19/1999 Set Designer
18 Tartuffe Theater at St. Clement's Church 05/20/1999 Set Designer
Award Production Function
1 NOMINATED 2020 AUDELCO Award, Set Design (A)loft Modulation Set Designer
2 NOMINATED 2007 AUDELCO Award, Set Design Marat Sade Set Designer
3 NOMINATED 2007 Hewes Design Award, Scenic Design Marat Sade Set Designer
4 NOMINATED 2003 Drama Desk Award, Outstanding Set Design of a Play Temporary Help Set Designer