Robert LuPone

Personal Information

Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow The Robert W. Wilson MCC Theater Space/ Susan and Ronald Frankel Theater 07/18/2019 Artistic Director
2 Transfers Lucille Lortel Theatre 04/23/2018 Artistic Director
3 Relevance Lucille Lortel Theatre 02/20/2018 Artistic Director
4 School Girls; Or, The African Mean Girls Play Lucille Lortel Theatre 11/16/2017 Artistic Director
5 Charm Lucille Lortel Theatre 09/19/2017 Artistic Director
6 The End of Longing Lucille Lortel Theatre 06/05/2017 Artistic Director
7 Yen Lucille Lortel Theatre 01/31/2017 Artistic Director
8 Ride the Cyclone Lucille Lortel Theatre 12/01/2016 Artistic Director
9 All the Ways to Say I Love You Lucille Lortel Theatre 09/28/2016 Artistic Director
10 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Gynecologic Oncology Unit at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center of New York City Lucille Lortel Theatre 06/07/2016 Artistic Director
11 Smokefall Lucille Lortel Theatre 02/22/2016 Artistic Director
12 Lost Girls Lucille Lortel Theatre 11/09/2015 Artistic Director
13 The Legend of Georgia McBride Lucille Lortel Theatre 09/09/2015 Artistic Director
14 Permission Lucille Lortel Theatre 05/18/2015 Artistic Director
15 The Nether Lucille Lortel Theatre 02/24/2015 Artistic Director
16 Punk Rock Lucille Lortel Theatre 11/17/2014 Artistic Director
17 The Money Shot Lucille Lortel Theatre 09/22/2014 Artistic Director
18 The Village Bike Lucille Lortel Theatre 06/10/2014 Artistic Director
19 Hand to God Lucille Lortel Theatre 03/11/2014 Artistic Director
20 Reasons To Be Happy Lucille Lortel Theatre 06/11/2013 Artistic Director
21 Really Really Lucille Lortel Theatre 02/19/2013 Artistic Director
22 Don't Go Gentle Lucille Lortel Theatre 10/14/2012 Artistic Director
23 Carrie Lucille Lortel Theatre 03/01/2012 Artistic Director
24 Wild Animals You Should Know Lucille Lortel Theatre 11/20/2011 Artistic Director
25 The Submission Lucille Lortel Theatre 09/27/2011 Artistic Director
26 The Other Place Lucille Lortel Theatre 03/28/2011 Artistic Director
27 The Break of Noon Lucille Lortel Theatre 11/22/2010 Artistic Director
28 Family Week Lucille Lortel Theatre 05/04/2010 Artistic Director
29 The Pride Lucille Lortel Theatre 02/16/2010 Artistic Director
30 Still Life Lucille Lortel Theatre 10/05/2009 Artistic Director
31 Coraline Lucille Lortel Theatre 06/01/2009 Artistic Director
32 The Third Story Lucille Lortel Theatre 02/02/2009 Artistic Director
33 Fifty Words Lucille Lortel Theatre 10/01/2008 Artistic Director
34 reasons to be pretty Lucille Lortel Theatre 06/02/2008 Artistic Director
35 Grace Lucille Lortel Theatre 02/11/2008 Artistic Director
36 Spain Lucille Lortel Theatre 10/30/2007 Artistic Director
37 In a Dark Dark House Lucille Lortel Theatre 06/07/2007 Artistic Director
38 A Very Common Procedure Lucille Lortel Theatre 02/14/2007 Artistic Director
39 Nixon's Nixon Lucille Lortel Theatre 10/04/2006 Artistic Director
40 Some Girl(s) Lucille Lortel Theatre 06/08/2006 Artistic Director
41 The Wooden Breeks Lucille Lortel Theatre 02/21/2006 Artistic Director
42 Colder Than Here Lucille Lortel Theatre 09/28/2005 Artistic Director
43 What of the Night Lucille Lortel Theatre 04/06/2005 Artistic Director
44 Fat Pig Lucille Lortel Theatre 12/15/2004 Artistic Director
45 Last Easter Lucille Lortel Theatre 10/07/2004 Artistic Director
46 The Distance From Here The Duke on 42nd Street 05/06/2004 Artistic Director
47 Frozen East 13th Street/CSC Theatre 03/18/2004 Artistic Director
48 Bright Ideas East 13th Street/CSC Theatre 11/12/2003 Artistic Director
49 Intrigue with Faye Theatre Row / Theatre Three (previously Acorn Theater) 06/11/2003 Artistic Director
50 Scattergood Samuel Beckett Theatre 02/26/2003 Artistic Producer
51 The Mercy Seat Theatre Row / Theatre Three (previously Acorn Theater) 12/18/2002 Founding Director
52 A Letter From Ethel Kennedy MCC Theater 05/16/2002 Artistic Director
53 Runt of the Litter MCC Theater 01/31/2002 Artistic Director
54 The Glory of Living MCC Theater 10/30/2001 Artistic Director
55 The Dead Eye Boy MCC Theater 04/22/2001 Artistic Director
56 A Place at the Table MCC Theater 10/25/2000 Artistic Director
57 Yard Gal MCC Theater 04/26/2000 Executive Director
58 Trudy Blue MCC Theater 12/02/1999 Executive Director
59 The English Teachers MCC Theater 04/21/1999 Artistic Director
60 Sueno MCC Theater 03/01/1999 Executive Director
61 Wit Union Square Theatre 10/06/1998 Executive Director
62 Anadarko MCC Theater 04/01/1998 Artistic Director
63 Good As New MCC Theater 03/02/1997 Executive Director
64 The Gravity of Means MCC Theater 11/03/1996 Executive Director
65 Three in the Back, Two in the Head MCC Theater 05/13/1996 Executive Director
66 Nixon's Nixon Westside Theatre/ Downstairs 03/05/1996 Executive Director
67 The Grey Zone MCC Theater 01/05/1996 Executive Director
68 Nixon's Nixon MCC Theater 09/29/1995 Executive Director
69 D Train MCC Theater 06/19/1993 Artistic Director
70 Class 1 Acts: '91-'92 MCC Theater 03/04/1992 Executive Director

Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 The Violin 59E59 Theaters/ Theater A 09/19/2017 Gio
2 The Able-Bodied Seaman MCC Theater 10/08/1993 Roy
3 Black Angel Circle Repertory Theatre 12/19/1982 Bob Hawkins/M.P./3rd Hooded Man
4 Lennon Entermedia Theater 10/05/1982 Older John/Stuart Sutcliffe/Les Chadwick/Brian Epstein
5 Snow Orchid Circle Repertory Theatre 03/11/1982 Sebb
6 In Connecticut Circle Theatre 04/30/1981 Andrew Call
7 Twelfth Night Circle Theatre 12/12/1980 Antonio
8 A Chorus Line Joseph Papp Public Theater/ Newman Theater 05/21/1975 Zach
9 Charlie Was Here and Now He's Gone Eastside Playhouse 06/06/1971 Sailor

Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 The English Teachers MCC Theater 04/21/1999 Director
2 D Train MCC Theater 06/19/1993 Director

Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Twelfth Night Circle Theatre 12/12/1980 Oboe