Jonathan Fried


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Hamlet The Duke on 42nd Street 03/29/2009 The Ghost
2 Landscape of the Body Peter Norton Space 04/16/2006 Durwood Peach
3 The Two Noble Kinsmen Joseph Papp Public Theater/ Martinson Hall 10/19/2003 Jailer/Countryman/Valerius/Queen
4 Hamlet Joseph Papp Public Theater/ Newman Theater 12/19/1999 Guildenstern
5 Angelique MCC Theater 06/17/1999 Ignance Gamelin
6 Richard II Theater at St. Clement's Church 02/15/1998 Ross/Westminster
7 Richard III Theater at St. Clement's Church 02/15/1998 Clarence/Lord Mayor
8 Sleep Deprivation Chamber Signature Theatre 02/23/1996 Holzer
9 The Tragedy of Richard III Delacorte Theater 08/03/1990 Sir Richard Ratcliffe