Albert M. Ottenheimer


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 The Kid American Place Theatre 11/02/1972 Cowpoke
2 Good Day / The Exhaustion of Our Son's Love1 Cherry Lane Theatre 10/18/1965 Sam Calendar
3 The Cat and the Canary Stage 73 01/04/1965 Roger REPLACEMENT
4 The Immoralist Bouwerie Lane Theatre 11/07/1963 Bocage
5 Call It Virtue Astor Place Theatre 03/26/1963 Dr. Carlo Pulejo
6 The Virtuous Island / The Apollo of Bellac2 Carnegie Hall Playhouse 04/09/1957 Solander
7 The Virtuous Island / The Apollo of Bellac3 Carnegie Hall Playhouse 04/09/1957 Vice President

1The Exhaustion of Our Son's Love.
2The Virtuous Island.
3Apollo of Bellac.