Edward T. Gianfrancesco


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Little Ham John Houseman Theatre 09/26/2002 Set Designer
2 The Big Bang Douglas Fairbanks Theater 03/01/2000 Set Designer
3 Acts of Providence York Theatre at St. Peter's 07/17/1996 Set Designer
4 Grace & Glorie Laura Pels Theatre (Former) 07/16/1996 Set Designer
5 The Shattering Players Theatre 04/07/1996 Set Designer
6 Riff Raff Circle in the Square Downtown 10/18/1995 Set Designer
7 The Professional Circle Repertory Theatre 04/28/1995 Set Designer
8 Unexpected Tenderness WPA Theatre 10/06/1994 Set Designer
9 Music from Down Hill WPA Theatre 12/14/1993 Set Designer
10 Snowing at Delphi WPA Theatre 10/07/1993 Set Designer
11 Ten Below WPA Theatre 03/25/1993 Set Designer
12 Laureen's Whereabouts WPA Theatre 03/18/1993 Set Designer
13 The Boiler Room Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre 01/13/1993 Set Designer
14 Camp Paradox WPA Theatre 10/20/1992 Set Designer
15 Weird Romance WPA Theatre 05/12/1992 Set Designer
16 Peacetime WPA Theatre 02/22/1992 Set Designer
17 The White Rose WPA Theatre 10/15/1991 Set Designer
18 Club Soda WPA Theatre 06/06/1991 Set Designer
19 Sabina and Lucrecia Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre 03/13/1991 Set Designer
20 Grotesque Love Songs WPA Theatre 10/30/1990 Set Designer
21 Maids of Honor WPA Theatre 06/08/1990 Set Designer
22 Twenty Fingers, Twenty Toes WPA Theatre 12/19/1989 Set Designer
23 The Widow's Blind Date Circle in the Square Downtown 10/25/1989 Set Designer
24 Buzzsaw Berkeley WPA Theatre 08/01/1989 Set Designer
25 The Good Coach WPA Theatre 05/30/1989 Set Designer
26 Early One Evening at the Rainbow Bar and Grille WPA Theatre 04/09/1989 Set Designer
27 The Night Hank Williams Died WPA Theatre 01/10/1989 Set Designer
28 Steel Magnolias Lucille Lortel Theatre 06/19/1987 Set Designer
29 Little Shop of Horrors Orpheum Theatre 07/27/1982 Set Designer
30 God Bless You Mr. Rosewater Entermedia Theater 10/14/1979 Set Designer
31 North Shore Fish WPA Theatre Set Designer
Award Production Function
1 NOMINATED 1990 Hewes Design Award, Scenic Design The Widow's Blind Date Set Designer
2 WON 1982 Hewes Design Award, Scenic Design Little Shop of Horrors Set Designer