Richard Gibbs


Stage Manager
Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Stage Blood Truck and Warehouse Theater 07/01/1977 Production Stage Manager
2 Der Ring Gott Farblonjet Truck and Warehouse Theater 04/27/1977 Production Stage Manager
3 Caprice Provincetown Playhouse 04/15/1976 Stage Manager
4 Bluebeard Evergreen Theatre 04/18/1975 Stage Manager
5 Stage Blood Evergreen Theatre 12/08/1974 Production Stage Manager
6 Camille Evergreen Theatre 05/13/1974 Stage Manager
7 Hot Ice Evergreen Theatre 02/07/1974 Production Stage Manager
8 Camille 13th Street Theatre 05/02/1973 Stage Manager

Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Bluebeard Evergreen Theatre 04/18/1975 Hecate's Train