Mike Kellin


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Are You Now or Have You Ever Been Promenade Theatre 10/15/1978 Lionel Stander
2 Sexual Perversity in Chicago/The Duck Variations Cherry Lane Theatre 06/16/1976 Emil Varec (Duck Variations)
3 American Buffalo Theater at St. Clement's Church 01/26/1976 Walter Cole
4 Winkelberg Renata Theatre 01/14/1958 Jonathan Winkelberg
5 Tevya and His Daughters Carnegie Hall Playhouse 09/16/1957 Teyva
6 The Taming of the Shrew Phoenix Theatre 02/20/1957 Christopher Sly
7 Purple Dust Cherry Lane Theatre 12/27/1956 1st Workman
8 Diary of a Scoundrel Phoenix Theatre 11/05/1956 General Anton Kroutitsky
Award Production Function
1 WON 1976 Obie Award, Performance American Buffalo Actor