Wynn P. Thomas


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Sons and Fathers of Sons Theater Four 01/28/1983 Set Designer
2 Two Fish in the Sky Parish Hall at the Church of Heavenly Rest 10/30/1982 Set Designer
3 Abercrombie Apocalypse Westside Arts Theatre/ Cheryl Crawford Theatre 06/22/1982 Set Designer
4 Glasshouse Parish Hall at the Church of Heavenly Rest 03/22/1981 Set Designer
5 Weep Not for Me Theater Four 01/27/1981 Set Designer
6 Big City Blues St. Mark's Playhouse 02/07/1980 Set Designer
7 Lagrima del Diablo St. Mark's Playhouse 01/10/1980 Set Designer
8 The Michigan St. Mark's Playhouse 11/16/1979 Set Designer
9 Old Phantoms St. Mark's Playhouse 02/07/1979 Set Designer
10 A Season to Unravel St. Mark's Playhouse 01/24/1979 Set Designer
11 Plays from Africa St. Mark's Playhouse 01/10/1979 Set Designer
12 The Daughters of the Mock St. Mark's Playhouse 12/20/1978 Set Designer
13 Nevis Mountain Dew St. Mark's Playhouse 12/07/1978 Set Designer