Stephen Gabis


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Little Gem Irish Repertory Theatre 07/25/2019 Dialect Consultant
2 The Plough and the Stars Irish Repertory Theatre 04/30/2019 Dialect Coach
3 Juno and the Paycock Irish Repertory Theatre 03/19/2019 Dialect Coach
4 Alice By Heart The Robert W. Wilson MCC Theater Space/ The Newman Mills Theater 02/26/2019 Dialect Coach
5 The Shadow of a Gunman Irish Repertory Theatre 02/12/2019 Dialects
6 Blue Ridge Linda Gross Theater 01/07/2019 Dialects
7 The Beast in the Jungle Vineyard Theatre 05/23/2018 Dialect Coach
8 The Seafarer Irish Repertory Theatre 04/18/2018 Dialect Coach
9 An Ordinary Muslim New York Theatre Workshop 02/26/2018 Dialect Coach
10 Hangmen Linda Gross Theater 02/05/2018 Dialect Coach
11 Jersey Boys New World Stages/ Stage I 11/22/2017 Dialect Coach
12 The Home Place Irish Repertory Theatre 10/10/2017 Dialects
13 A Clockwork Orange New World Stages/ Stage IV 09/25/2017 Dialect Coach
14 On the Shore of the Wide World Linda Gross Theater 09/12/2017 Dialect Coach
15 Napoli, Brooklyn Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 06/27/2017 Dialect Coach
16 Yen Lucille Lortel Theatre 01/31/2017 Dialects
17 Finian's Rainbow Irish Repertory Theatre 11/06/2016 Dialect Coach
18 Love, Love, Love Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 10/19/2016 Dialect Coach
19 Shining City Irish Repertory Theatre 06/09/2016 Dialect Coach
20 Indian Summer Playwrights Horizons 06/08/2016 Dialect Coach
21 Incognito New York City Center/ Stage I 05/24/2016 Dialect Coach
22 Indecent Vineyard Theatre 05/17/2016 Dialect Coach
23 Hold On To Me Darling Linda Gross Theater 03/14/2016 Dialects
24 These Paper Bullets! Linda Gross Theater 12/15/2015 Dialect Coach
25 Heisenberg New York City Center/ Stage II 06/03/2015 Dialects
26 39 Steps Union Square Theatre 04/13/2015 Dialect Coach
27 The Invisible Hand New York Theatre Workshop 12/08/2014 Dialect Coach
28 Punk Rock Lucille Lortel Theatre 11/17/2014 Dialect Coach
29 Billy & Ray Vineyard Theatre 10/20/2014 Dialect Coach
30 Poor Behavior The Duke on 42nd Street 08/17/2014 Dialect Coach
31 Atomic Theatre Row / Theatre Three (previously Acorn Theater) 07/13/2014 Dialect Coach
32 Sea Marks Irish Repertory Theatre 05/05/2014 Dialect Coach
33 The Substance of Fire Second Stage Theatre 04/27/2014 Dialect Coach
34 Stage Kiss Playwrights Horizons 03/02/2014 Dialect Coach
35 Transport Irish Repertory Theatre 02/16/2014 Dialect Coach
36 Loot Lucille Lortel Theatre 01/16/2014 Dialect Coach
37 Becoming Dr. Ruth Westside Theatre/ Upstairs 10/29/2013 Dialect Coach
38 Juno and the Paycock Irish Repertory Theatre 10/20/2013 Dialect Coach
39 Fetch Clay, Make Man New York Theatre Workshop 09/12/2013 Dialect Coach
40 stop. reset. Pershing Square Signature Center/ The Romulus Linney Courtyard Theatre 09/08/2013 Dialect Coach
41 stop. reset. Pershing Square Signature Center/ The Romulus Linney Courtyard Theatre 09/08/2013 Vocal Coach
42 The Weir Irish Repertory Theatre 05/23/2013 Dialect Coach
43 The North Pool Vineyard Theatre 03/06/2013 Dialect Coach
44 Donnybrook! Irish Repertory Theatre 02/17/2013 Dialect Coach
45 The Freedom of The City Irish Repertory Theatre 10/14/2012 Dialect Coach
46 New Girl in Town Irish Repertory Theatre 07/26/2012 Dialect Coach
47 In Masks Outrageous and Austere Theatres at 45 Bleecker/ Bleecker Street Theatre 04/16/2012 Dialect Coach
48 Tribes Barrow Street Theatre 03/04/2012 Dialect Coach
49 Beyond the Horizon Irish Repertory Theatre 02/26/2012 Dialect Coach
50 Look Back in Anger Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 02/02/2012 Dialect Coach
51 Once New York Theatre Workshop 12/06/2011 Dialect Coach
52 All New People Second Stage Theatre 07/25/2011 Dialect Coach
53 Tryst Irish Repertory Theatre 07/07/2011 Dialect Coach
54 The Shaggs: Philosophy of the World Playwrights Horizons 06/07/2011 Dialect Coach
55 Through a Glass Darkly New York Theatre Workshop 06/06/2011 Dialect Coach
56 By the Way, Meet Vera Stark Second Stage Theatre 05/09/2011 Dialect Coach
57 A Minister's Wife Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater 05/08/2011 Dialect Coach
58 The Shaughraun Irish Repertory Theatre 05/01/2011 Dialect Coach
59 Kin Playwrights Horizons 03/21/2011 Dialect Coach
60 When I Come to Die The Duke on 42nd Street 02/10/2011 Dialect Coach
61 The Break of Noon Lucille Lortel Theatre 11/22/2010 Dialect Coach
62 White Woman Street Irish Repertory Theatre 05/16/2010 Dialect Coach
63 The 39 Steps New World Stages/ Stage I 04/15/2010 Dialect Coach
64 When the Rain Stops Falling Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater 03/08/2010 Dialect Coach
65 Candida Irish Repertory Theatre 03/07/2010 Dialect Coach
66 Hard Times New York City Center/ Stage II 02/14/2010 Dialect Coach
67 Ernest in Love Irish Repertory Theatre 12/20/2009 Dialect Coach
68 The Emperor Jones Irish Repertory Theatre 10/18/2009 Dialect Coach
69 The Tin Pan Alley Rag Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 07/14/2009 Dialect Coach
70 Groundswell Theatre Row / Theatre Three (previously Acorn Theater) 05/21/2009 Dialect Coach
71 Prisoner of the Crown Irish Repertory Theatre 05/22/2008 Dialect Coach
72 Port Authority Linda Gross Theater 05/21/2008 Dialect Coach
73 Rafta, Rafta... Theatre Row / Theatre Three (previously Acorn Theater) 05/08/2008 Dialect Coach
74 Parlour Song Linda Gross Theater 03/06/2008 Dialect Coach
75 Dead Man's Cell Phone Playwrights Horizons 03/04/2008 Dialect Coach
76 Two Thousand Years Theatre Row / Theatre Three (previously Acorn Theater) 01/31/2008 Dialect Coach
77 The Devil's Disciple Irish Repertory Theatre 12/13/2007 Dialects
78 Queens Boulevard (the musical) Peter Norton Space 11/06/2007 Dialect Coach
79 Sive Irish Repertory Theatre 09/27/2007 Dialect Coach
80 The Accomplices Theatre Row / Theatre Three (previously Acorn Theater) 04/09/2007 Dialect Coach
81 Defender of the Faith Irish Repertory Theatre 03/08/2007 Dialect Coach
82 The Voysey Inheritance Linda Gross Theater 12/06/2006 Dialect Coach
83 The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie Theatre Row / Theatre Three (previously Acorn Theater) 10/09/2006 Dialect Coach
84 The Hairy Ape Irish Repertory Theatre 10/05/2006 Dialects
85 The Field Irish Repertory Theatre 06/01/2006 Dialects
86 Landscape of the Body Peter Norton Space 04/16/2006 Dialect Coach
87 Guardians Theatres at 45 Bleecker/ Bleecker Street Theatre 04/11/2006 Dialect Coach
88 The Lieutenant of Inishmore Linda Gross Theater 02/27/2006 Dialect Coach
89 The Wooden Breeks Lucille Lortel Theatre 02/21/2006 Dialect Coach
90 Mrs. Warren's Profession Irish Repertory Theatre 12/18/2005 Dialect Coach
91 Abigail's Party Theatre Row / Theatre Three (previously Acorn Theater) 12/01/2005 Dialect Coach
92 Colder Than Here Lucille Lortel Theatre 09/28/2005 Dialect Coach
93 Philadelphia, Here I Come! Irish Repertory Theatre 07/21/2005 Dialect Coach
94 Slag Heap Cherry Lane Theatre 04/13/2005 Dialect Coach
95 After the Ball Irish Repertory Theatre 12/16/2004 Dialect Coach
96 Doubt New York City Center/ Stage I 11/23/2004 Dialect Coach
97 SIN (A Cardinal Deposed) Harold Clurman Theater 10/26/2004 Dialects
98 Last Easter Lucille Lortel Theatre 10/07/2004 Dialect Coach
99 Triptych Irish Repertory Theatre 10/07/2004 Dialect Coach
100 Roar Harold Clurman Theater 04/07/2004 Dialect Coach
101 Frozen East 13th Street/CSC Theatre 03/18/2004 Dialect Coach
102 Wintertime Second Stage Theatre 03/02/2004 Dialect Coach
103 Aunt Dan and Lemon Harold Clurman Theater 12/18/2003 Dialect Coach
104 Peg O' My Heart Irish Repertory Theatre 05/22/2003 Dialect Coach
105 The Women of Lockerbie Theater at St. Clement's Church 04/07/2003 Dialect Coach
106 Scattergood Samuel Beckett Theatre 02/26/2003 Dialect Coach
107 Dublin Carol Linda Gross Theater 02/20/2003 Dialect Coach
108 bedbound Irish Repertory Theatre 01/23/2003 Dialect Coach
109 Comedians Samuel Beckett Theatre 01/15/2003 Dialect Coach
110 Blue/Orange Linda Gross Theater 11/24/2002 Dialect Coach
111 A Man of No Importance Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater 10/10/2002 Dialects
112 Smelling a Rat Samuel Beckett Theatre 05/19/2002 Dialect Coach
113 Further Than the Furthest Thing New York City Center/ Stage I 02/05/2002 Dialects
114 What the Butler Saw Theater at St. Clement's Church 11/12/2000 Dialects
115 Comic Potential New York City Center/ Stage I 10/24/2000 Dialects
116 Curtains INTAR Theatre 04/13/1996 Dialect Coach
117 Ecstasy John Houseman Theatre 04/20/1995 Dialect Coach