Jimmie Ray Weeks


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 California Dog Fight New York City Center/ Stage I 04/16/1985 Rawley
2 Dysan Circle Repertory Theatre 01/20/1985 Jake
3 The Harvesting Circle Repertory Theatre 04/01/1984 John Torski
4 Serenading Louie Joseph Papp Public Theater/ Newman Theater 01/17/1984 N/A
5 Black Angel Circle Repertory Theatre 12/19/1982 Andy Raines/M.P./1st Hooded Man
6 The Great Grandson of Jebediah Kohler Entermedia Theater 03/21/1982 Brother
7 Richard II Entermedia Theater 03/10/1982 Lord Ross
8 Confluence Circle Repertory Theatre 01/10/1982 Chuck Janola (Confluence)/Barker (Am I Blue)
9 The Diviners Circle Theatre 08/04/1981 Ferris Layman
10 A Tale Told Circle Theatre 06/11/1981 Harley Campbell
11 The Diviners Circle Theatre 10/16/1980 Ferris Layman
12 Innocent Thoughts, Harmless Intentions Circle Theatre 03/06/1980 Sergeant Steidle
13 The Runner Stumbles Circle Theatre 01/14/1979 Toby Felker
14 Glorious Morning Circle Theatre 10/22/1978 Harvey Stenson