Tresa Hughes


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 V & V Only Circle Repertory Theatre 05/25/1988 Raffiella
2 Claptrap New York City Center/ Stage I 06/14/1987 Cynthia Littlefield
3 After the Fall Playhouse 91 10/04/1984 Mother
4 Standing on My Knees Stage 73 10/12/1982 Joanne
5 Holy Places American Place Theatre 12/06/1979 N/A
6 Passing Through From Exotic Places1 Sheridan Square Playhouse 12/07/1969 Edna
7 Passing Through From Exotic Places2 Sheridan Square Playhouse 12/07/1969 Mrs. Virginia Shawcross
8 Passing Through From Exotic Places3 Sheridan Square Playhouse 12/07/1969 Wife
9 Fragments and The Basement Cherry Lane Theatre 10/02/1967 Ann (Fragments)
10 The Party on Greenwich Avenue Cherry Lane Theatre 05/10/1967 Miss Bloom
11 Hogan's Goat Theater at St. Clement's Church 11/11/1965 Josephine Finn
12 Dumbell People in a Barbell World Cricket Theatre 02/14/1962 Martha

1The Son Who Hunted Tigers in Jakarta.
3The Burial of Esposito.