Peter Fitzgerald


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Chick Flick the Musical Westside Theatre/ Upstairs 03/07/2019 Sound Designer
2 Smokey Joe's Cafe Stage 42 07/22/2018 Sound Designer
3 The Portal Minetta Lane Theatre 12/03/2016 Sound Designer
4 Trip of Love Stage 42 10/18/2015 Sound Designer
5 Daddy Long Legs Davenport Theatre 09/28/2015 Sound Designer
6 Clinton The Musical New World Stages/ Stage IV 04/09/2015 Sound Designer
7 Old Jews Telling Jokes Westside Theatre/ Downstairs 05/20/2012 Sound Designer
8 Play It Cool Theatre Row / Theatre Three (previously Acorn Theater) 09/14/2011 Sound Designer
9 Freckleface Strawberry New World Stages/ Stage IV 10/01/2010 Sound Designer
10 Viagara Falls Little Shubert Theatre 07/21/2010 Sound Designer
11 Adrift in Macao 59E59 Theaters/ Theater A 02/13/2007 Sound Designer
12 Evil Dead: The Musical New World Stages/ Stage I 11/01/2006 Sound Designer
13 Burleigh Grime$ New World Stages/ Stage III 06/13/2006 Sound Designer
14 Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris Zipper Theatre 03/27/2006 Sound Designer
15 The Great American Trailer Park Musical New World Stages/ Stage I 09/27/2005 Sound Designer
16 Manuscript Daryl Roth Theatre 06/12/2005 Sound Designer
17 Beast on the Moon Century Center For The Performing Arts 04/28/2005 Sound Designer
18 The Immigrant New World Stages/ Stage IV 11/04/2004 Sound Designer
19 They Wrote That? McGinn-Cazale Theatre 02/05/2004 Sound Designer
20 Showtune York Theatre at St. Peter's 02/27/2003 Sound Designer
21 If It Was Easy Douglas Fairbanks Theater 03/07/2001 Sound Designer
22 Avow Century Center For The Performing Arts 07/27/2000 Sound Designer
23 The Flame Keeper 47th Street Theatre 07/06/2000 Sound Designer
24 Straight Jacket Playhouse 91 06/18/2000 Sound Designer
25 Last Train to Nibroc Douglas Fairbanks Theater 11/21/1999 Sound Designer
26 Dinner with Friends Variety Arts Theatre 11/04/1999 Sound Designer
27 A Good Swift Kick Variety Arts Theatre 07/29/1999 Sound Designer
28 Things You Shouldn't Say Past Midnight Promenade Theatre 05/13/1999 Sound Designer
29 Always... Patsy Cline Variety Arts Theatre 06/24/1997 Sound Designer
30 The Hunchback of Notre Dame Westbeth Theatre 04/22/1993 Sound Designer
31 Eating Raoul Union Square Theatre 04/21/1992 Sound Designer
32 Penn & Teller Rot in Hell John Houseman Theatre 07/30/1991 Costume Designer
33 Further Mo' Village Gate/ Downstairs 04/17/1990 Sound Designer
34 Brownstone Union Square Theatre 10/08/1986 Sound Designer
35 Once I Saw a Boy Laughing Westside Theatre/ Upstairs 02/21/1974 Sound Designer

Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Runt of the Litter 37 Arts/ Theatre B 12/09/2007 Producer
2 The Springhill Singing Disaster 47th Street Theatre 11/20/1996 Producer