Cleavon Little


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 All God's Dangers Lamb's Theatre 10/13/1989 Nate Shaw
2 I'm Not Rappaport American Place Theatre 06/06/1985 Midge
3 Two Fish in the Sky Parish Hall at the Church of Heavenly Rest 10/30/1982 Meadowlark Rachel Warner
4 The Great Macdaddy St. Mark's Playhouse 02/12/1974 Macdaddy REPLACEMENT
5 The Ofay Watcher Stage 73 09/15/1969 Rufus
6 Someone's Comin' Hungry Pocket Theatre 03/31/1969 Paul Odum
7 Scuba Duba New Theatre 10/10/1967 Foxtrot
8 MacBird! Village Gate/ Downstairs 02/22/1967 Muslim Witch