About the Internet Off-Broadway Database


The Internet Off-Broadway Database, also known as the IOBDB, provides a catalogue of all shows ever produced Off-Broadway.


For the purposes of the IOBDB, Off-Broadway refers to any production that has satisfied the following requirements:

  • Played at a Manhattan theatre with a seating capacity of 100-499
  • Intended to run a closed-ended or open-ended schedule of performances of more than one week
  • Offered itself to critics and general audiences alike

The IOBDB reserves the right to include exceptions, which may include, but are not limited to, prolific not-for-profit theatre companies with a history of transfers to Off-Broadway venues, or productions that are categorized as Off-Broadway in other first class sources. Festivals, readings, concerts, and one-night special events are not included.

Errors and Omissions

The IOBDB is a constant work in progress. If you have any additional information or corrections regarding any of the production entries please contact us at iobdb@lortel.org. If available, please send verifying information (for example a scanned Playbill in PDF format). Please note we cannot add a show to the database without knowing the theatre it played and its opening date.

The Lucille Lortel Foundation

The IOBDB was developed and funded solely by the Lucille Lortel Foundation, a non-profit foundation established to continue the largess of its founder, Lucille Lortel, in the field of Off-Broadway. For more information about the Lucille Lortel Foundation please visit http://www.lortel.org.