Name: Actors' Playhouse
Address: 100 7th Avenue South, New York, NY 10014
Production Information
Number of performances: 232
Opening date: April 30, 1957
Closing date: November 5, 1957
Production Description
A young man comes to New York from a small town with dreams of becoming an actor but the breaks never happen. He loses his wife and scavenges for a living as a waiter while making his theatrical rounds. Drafted to the war on the eve of his big break, he does his service then returns to the daily grind of auditions and rejections. When he finally does make it, he is dogged by the question: was it worth it?
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
Charles Olsen Producer
James A. Preston Producer
James Lee Playwright
Charles Olsen Director
David Hays Production Designer

Actor Role
Charles Aidman Sam Lawson
Frances Armstrong An Actress
Norma Crane Sharon Kensington
Richard Goldhurst Old Actor
Larry Hagman A Soldier
Clifton James Robert Kensington
Mary James Shirley Drake
William Long Jr. Eric Peters
Bernard Reed Pinkie Bonaparte
Nancy Rennick Barbara Neilson
Norman Rose Maury Novak
Dick Stahl Jack Goldman
Charles White Charley Marsalla
Forrest Wood Assistant/Matt Hemsley