I Like It Like That

Name: Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre
Address: 304 West 47th Street, New York, NY 10036
Production Information
First performance date: September 7, 2016
Opening date: September 22, 2016
Closing date: January 29, 2017
External Links: Official Website

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Production Description
I Like It Like That – A Musical brings us back to an era when Salsa was the religion of the masses, when singers and bands became the community’s heroes and idols, and when rhythm and lyrics provided an alternative education to generations of New Yorkers. I Like It Like That – A Musical remembers and celebrates a yesteryear proclaiming a new and hopeful era, with an accent! “They were the best of times; they were the worst of times,” wrote Charles Dickens. The story centers on Don Roberto Rodríguez, who instills good values in his children, and faces the true grit and social chaos of the times. He works hard to hold his family together, and all the while music and imagination keeps their soul afloat!
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
David Maldonado Producer
David Rodriguez Producer
Juan Toro Producer
Pregones Theater Co-Producer
Cárdenas Marketing Network Executive Producer
Sandra Lang1 Associate Producer
Ollie Entertainment Associate Producer
Marnie Ortiz Associate Producer
Michael Lang2 Assistant Producer
Waddys Jáquez Book
David Maldonado Book
Ruben Blades Incidental Music
Hector Casanova Incidental Music
Willie Colon Incidental Music
Joe Cuba Incidental Music
Pete El Conde Incidental Music
El Gran Combo Incidental Music
Hector Lavoe Incidental Music
La Lupe Incidental Music
Ismael Miranda Incidental Music
Johnny Pacheco Incidental Music
Eddie Palmieri Incidental Music
Patato y Totico Incidental Music
Tito Puente Incidental Music
Richie Ray & Bobbie Cruz Incidental Music
Ismael Rivera Incidental Music
Mon Rivera Incidental Music
Waddys Jáquez Director
Waddys Jáquez Choreographer
Grizel "Chachi" Del Valle3 Associate Choreographer
Johathan Maldonado3 Associate Choreographer
Raul Abrego Set Designer
Hochi Asiatico Costume Designer
Lucrecia Briceño4 Lighting Designer
G. Benjamin Swope4 Lighting Designer
Julian Evans Sound Designer
Rocco DiSanti Projections
Charles Bowden Props Designer
JT Public Relations Press Representative
Leyma López Stage Manager
Peter L. Smith Production Manager
Desmar Guevara Music Direction
Desmar Guevara Arranger
Rosalba Rolón Dramaturg

1Credited as Sandy M. Lang.
2Credited as Dr. Michael Lang.
3Credited as Assoc. Choreographer/Salsa.
4Credited as Co-Lighting Design.

Actor Role
Rossmery Almonte N/A
Caridad De La Luz N/A
Grizel "Chachi" Del Valle N/A
Shadia Fairuz N/A
Joseph (Quique) González N/A
Nelson Gonzalez N/A
Ana Isabelle N/A
Sofia Klimovsky N/A
Angel López N/A
Tito Nieves Don Roberto Rodriguez
Yesenia Santiago N/A
Gilberto Velázquez N/A