Young Playwrights Festival (1985)

Name: Playwrights Horizons
Address: 416 West 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036
Production Information
Number of performances: 24
Opening date: April 7, 1985
Closing date: April 28, 1985
Production Description
Four plays: Field Day by Leslie Kaufman (dir. Don Scardino), Sonata by Elizabeth Hirschhorn (dir. Shelly Raffle), True to Life by Marc Ratliff (dir. Ben Levit), The Ground Zero Club by Charlie Schulman (dir. John Ferraro). Plus five readings: Whatever Tomorrow Brings by Nicole Leigh Boland, The Irishman by Michael Bourne, A Longing to Return Home by Benjamin Lo, Satisfaction by Nelly Reifler, Windhover by Kathleen Ryan.
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
Foundation of the Dramatists Guild Producer
Peggy Hansen Producing Director
Nicole Leigh Boland Playwright
Michael Bourne Playwright
Elizabeth Hirschhorn Playwright
Leslie Kaufman Playwright
Benjamin Lo Playwright
Mark Ratliff Playwright
Nelly Reifler Playwright
Kathleen Ryan Playwright
Charlie Schulman Playwright
John Ferraro Director
Ben Levit Director
Shelly Raffle Director
Don Scardino Director
Loren Sherman Set Designer
Jennifer von Mayrhauser Costume Designer
Stephen Strawbridge Lighting Designer
Scott Lehrer Sound Designer
Bob Ullman Press Representative
M.A. Howard Stage Manager
Kate Stewart Stage Manager
Melissa Davis Production Coordinator
Jerry Sternbach Music Consultant

Actor Role
Stephen Ahern Man #1 (Field Day)
Elizabeth Berridge Angela (The Ground Zero Club)
Polly Draper Fiona (The Ground Zero Club)
Steven Flynn Dallas (True to Life)
Jonathan Harold Gabriel Little Boy (Sonata)
Stacey Glick Lisa Amory (Sonata)
Robin Groves Judy Amory (Sonata)
Thomas Ikeda Tourist (The Ground Zero Club)
Lucinda Jenney The Woman (True to Life)/ Tanya (The Ground Zero Club)
Larry Joshua Sal (The Ground Zero Club)
Robert Joy Man #2 (Field Day)
Tom Mardirosian Guard (The Ground Zero Club)
John Martinuzzi Clark Amory (Sonata)
Don Plumley Max (True to Life)
Wendy Rockman Little Girl (Sonata)
Bill Schoppert Voice (The Ground Zero Club)
Brian Smiar Man's Voice/ Chief (Sonata)/ Jack (True to Life)
John Spencer Joseph Wallace (Sonata)