6 From La Mama (Second Program)

Name: Martinique Theatre
Address: 1260 Broadway, New York, NY 10001
Production Information
Number of performances: 2
Opening date: April 12, 1966
Closing date: April 23, 1966
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
Circle in the Square Producer
Paul Libin Producer
Theodore Mann Producer
Kevin O'Connor Author
Paul Foster Playwright
Sam Shepard Playwright
Jean-Claude van Itallie Playwright
Tom O'Horgan Music
Tom O'Horgan Director
Jose Sevilla Lighting Designer
Merle Debuskey Press Representative

Actor Role
Mari-Claire Charba The Lady (War)
Mari-Claire Charba Jezebel (Recluse)
Mari-Claire Charba Joy (Chicago)
Jacque Lynn Colton The Recluse (Recluse)
Jacque Lynn Colton Myra (Chicago)
Stephanie Gordon Sally (Chicago)
Victor LiPari Joe (Chicago)
Kevin O'Connor Younger Actor (War)
Kevin O'Connor Stu (Chicago)
Michael Warren Powell Older Actor (War)
Michael Warren Powell Jim (Chicago)
Second Program played April 12-13 for two performances. Program included WAR by Jean-Claude van Itallie, THE RECLUSE by Paul Foster and CHICAGO by Sam Shepard. Three plays from both programs: CHICAGO, BIRDBATH and THIS IS THE RILL SPEAKING played April 15-23 for the final 13 performances.