Aesop's Fables

Name: Mercer Arts Center
Address: 673 Broadway, New York, NY 10013
Production Information
Number of performances: 58
Opening date: August 17, 1972
Closing date: September 19, 1972
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
William Russo Producer
Jon Swan Text
Don Sanders Director
Vanessa James Designer
Alan Eichler Press Representative
Connie Zonka Press Representative
Gary Porto Stage Manager
Arv Rocans Bass
Steve Lynch Flute
John Davenport Guitar
Ken Hayden Guitar
Frank Shaney Keyboards
Terry Lansburgh Percussion

Actor Role
Kate Buddeke N/A
Richard Kravets N/A
Trisha Long N/A
Mike Shacochis N/A
Frank Shaney N/A
Denise Walther N/A
Bill Williams N/A
This production played at the Mercer- Brecht Theatre. The production was a collection of musicalzed sketches based on Aesop's stories including "The Lion and the Mouse," "The Fox and the Stork," "The Mice in Council," "The Lion and the Boar," "The Wolves and the Jackal," "The Donkey and the Grasshoppers," "The Frog and the Ox," "The Trees and the Ax," "The Cat and the Rooster," "The Ants and the Cocoon," and "The Crow and the Fox."