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We have been making theatre together with this company since 1999. We are spurred by common interests, a strong friendship, a healthy competitiveness, and a desire to make something special, something remarkable. As artists, we create works that explore the world around us, and our experience of what it means to be. Our work reflects the urban intellectual climate of our city, a city that boasts five universities. We commit substantial time and resources to the development of each project, but we also devote our spirits. We investigate. We obsess. Our work can be seen as a series of dialogues: with the subject matter, with the art-form, with the audience, and with ourselves. It is a search to understand and transcend. The projects we choose have substance and ideas that are important to the way we as people see and experience ourselves, and our place in the universe.

We believe that at the core of the theatrical event is a unique and particular interaction between audience and performance. With each project, we re-examine and re-shape this relationship, creating a different spatial and metaphorical relationship between the audience and the stage. This investigation is central to our practice. Our designs often shape not only the stage, but also the theatre itself.

2b audiences can expect unique and insightful interactions with stories woven from the fabric of our daily lives. The themes in our work range from economics to neuroscience to death and the immortal soul, all in the service of exploring life, and what it means to be.

(Biography dated 04/27/2018 )
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Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story 59E59 Theaters/ Theater A 03/18/2018 Producer
Award Production Function
1 NOMINATED 2018 Drama Desk Award, Outstanding Musical Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story Producer