Tinc Productions


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Fiddler on the Roof New World Stages/ Stage I 11/21/2022 Production Manager
2 Sandra Vineyard Theatre 11/20/2022 Production Supervisor
3 ¡Americano! New World Stages/ Stage III 05/01/2022 Production Manager
4 A Turtle on a Fence Post Theater 555 11/14/2021 Production Manager
5 Emojiland The Duke on 42nd Street 01/19/2020 Production Manager
6 Broadway Bounty Hunter Greenwich House 07/23/2019 Production Manager
7 The Play That Goes Wrong New World Stages/ Stage IV 02/20/2019 Production Supervisor
8 The New One Cherry Lane Theatre 08/02/2018 Production Manager
9 Hamlet Sheen Center/ Loreto Theater 05/21/2017 Production Manager
10 Church and State New World Stages/ Stage V 03/27/2017 Production Manager
11 Small Mouth Sounds Pershing Square Signature Center/ The Romulus Linney Courtyard Theatre 07/11/2016 Production Manager
12 Shear Madness New World Stages/ Stage IV 11/11/2015 Production Supervisor
13 Mad Libs Live! New World Stages/ Stage V 11/02/2015 Production Manager
14 Clinton The Musical New World Stages/ Stage IV 04/09/2015 Production Manager