Joshua Yocom


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Letters from Max, a Ritual Pershing Square Signature Center/ The Alice Griffin Jewel Box Theatre 02/27/2023 Properties Supervisor
2 The Daughter-in-Law New York City Center/ Stage II 02/17/2022 Prop Master
3 Anatomy of a Suicide Linda Gross Theater 02/18/2020 Prop Master
4 Halfway Bitches Go Straight to Heaven Linda Gross Theater 12/09/2019 Prop Master
5 Heroes of the Fourth Turning1 Playwrights Horizons 10/07/2019 Properties Supervisor
6 Sunday Linda Gross Theater 09/23/2019 Prop Master
7 Do You Feel Anger? Vineyard Theatre 04/02/2019 Prop Master
8 The Mother Linda Gross Theater 03/11/2019 Prop Master
9 Blue Ridge Linda Gross Theater 01/07/2019 Prop Master
10 Fireflies Linda Gross Theater 10/15/2018 Prop Master
11 Collective Rage: A Play in 5 Betties; In Essence, A Queer and Occasionally Hazardous Exploration; Do You Remember When You Were In Middle School And You Read About Shackleton And How He Explored the Antarctic? Imagine the Antarctic As a Pussy and It’s Sort of Like That Lucille Lortel Theatre 09/12/2018 Prop Master
12 This Ain't No Disco Linda Gross Theater 07/24/2018 Prop Master
13 Hangmen Linda Gross Theater 02/05/2018 Prop Master
14 On the Shore of the Wide World Linda Gross Theater 09/12/2017 Prop Master
15 Can You Forgive Her? Vineyard Theatre 05/23/2017 Prop Master
16 Marie and Rosetta Linda Gross Theater 09/12/2016 Prop Master
17 Hold On To Me Darling Linda Gross Theater 03/14/2016 Prop Master
18 Women Without Men New York City Center/ Stage II 01/30/2016 Prop Master
19 The Changeling Lucille Lortel Theatre 01/10/2016 Prop Master
20 Lazarus New York Theatre Workshop 12/07/2015 Prop Master
21 The Humans Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 10/25/2015 Prop Master
22 Cloud Nine Linda Gross Theater 10/05/2015 Prop Master
23 Guards at the Taj Linda Gross Theater 06/11/2015 Prop Master
24 Dying For It Linda Gross Theater 01/08/2015 Prop Master
25 Found Linda Gross Theater 10/14/2014 Prop Master
26 The Threepenny Opera Linda Gross Theater 04/07/2014 Prop Master
27 Loot Lucille Lortel Theatre 01/16/2014 Prop Master
28 The Night Alive Linda Gross Theater 12/12/2013 Prop Master
29 Romeo and Juliet East 13th Street/CSC Theatre 10/16/2013 Prop Master
30 Katie Roche Mint Theater 02/25/2013 Prop Master
31 Harper Regan Linda Gross Theater 10/10/2012 Prop Master
32 Mary Broome Mint Theater 09/10/2012 Prop Master
33 Warrior Class McGinn-Cazale Theatre 07/23/2012 Prop Master
34 Love Goes to Press Mint Theater 06/06/2012 Prop Master
35 Old Jews Telling Jokes Westside Theatre/ Downstairs 05/20/2012 Prop Master
36 Richard II New York City Center/ Stage II 11/20/2011 Prop Master
37 The Bald Soprano New York City Center/ Stage II 09/25/2011 Prop Master
38 A Little Journey Mint Theater 06/06/2011 Prop Master

1Credited as Joshua Larrinaga-Yocom.

Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 The New Morality Mint Theater 09/21/2015 Prop Design
2 Fashions for Men Mint Theater 03/01/2015 Prop Design
3 The Fatal Weakness Mint Theater 09/15/2014 Prop Design
4 Donogoo, or The Miracles of Science Mint Theater 06/23/2014 Prop Design
5 London Wall Mint Theater 02/24/2014 Prop Design
6 Philip Goes Forth Mint Theater 09/16/2013 Prop Design
7 A Picture of Autumn Mint Theater 06/10/2013 Prop Design
8 Temporal Powers Mint Theater 08/03/2011 Prop Design