Greig Sargeant


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Measure For Measure Joseph Papp Public Theater/ LuEsther Hall 10/10/2017 Claudio
2 Fondly, Collette Richland New York Theatre Workshop 09/28/2015 Local Representative Wheatsun
3 The Sound and the Fury Joseph Papp Public Theater/ Martinson Hall 05/21/2015 N/A
4 The Little Foxes New York Theatre Workshop 09/30/2010 Cal
5 The Sound and the Fury (April Seventh, 1928) New York Theatre Workshop 04/29/2008 Jason Compson III / Caroline Compson / Dilsey Gibson / Rokus Gibson / Versh Gibson / T.P. Gibson / Luster Gibson / Washerwoman / Another Golfer