Narelle Sissons


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Halfway Bitches Go Straight to Heaven Linda Gross Theater 12/09/2019 Set Designer
2 Downstairs Cherry Lane Theatre 11/18/2018 Set Designer
3 Wild Abandon Irish Repertory Theatre 09/24/2018 Set Designer
4 Wild Abandon Irish Repertory Theatre 09/24/2018 Costume Designer
5 What We're Up Against McGinn-Cazale Theatre 11/08/2017 Set Designer
6 Loot Lucille Lortel Theatre 01/16/2014 Set Designer
7 No Child... Barrow Street Theatre 06/19/2011 Set Designer
8 Happy Now? 59E59 Theaters/ Theater A 02/09/2010 Set Designer
9 Smudge Julia Miles Theater 01/11/2010 Set Designer
10 The Little Flower of East Orange Joseph Papp Public Theater/ Martinson Hall 04/06/2008 Set Designer
11 A Hard Heart Harold Clurman Theater 11/11/2007 Set Designer
12 Celia New World Stages/ Stage II 09/26/2007 Set Designer
13 Seussical Lucille Lortel Theatre 07/19/2007 Set Designer
14 an oak tree Barrow Street Theatre 11/04/2006 Set Designer
15 Blue Door Playwrights Horizons/ Peter Jay Sharp Theater 10/10/2006 Set Designer
16 No Child... Barrow Street Theatre 07/16/2006 Set Designer
17 Jump/Cut Julia Miles Theater 02/12/2006 Set Designer
18 Dedication or The Stuff of Dreams 59E59 Theaters/ Theater A 08/18/2005 Set Designer
19 Eyewitness Blues New York Theatre Workshop 03/16/2005 Set Designer
20 The Oldest Profession Peter Norton Space 09/26/2004 Set Designer
21 Patriot Act: A Public Meditation New York Theatre Workshop 06/22/2004 Set Designer
22 Light Raise the Roof New York Theatre Workshop 05/20/2004 Set Designer
23 Dutch Heart of Man Joseph Papp Public Theater/ Susan Stein Shiva Theater 09/25/2003 Set Designer
24 American Dreams: Lost and Found Lucille Lortel Theatre 05/13/2003 Set Designer
25 Our Lady of 121st Street Union Square Theatre 03/06/2003 Set Designer
26 The Winter's Tale East 13th Street/CSC Theatre 01/30/2003 Set Designer
27 Light Years Playwrights Horizons 10/21/2001 Set Designer
28 Passion Play Audible / Minetta Lane Theatre 04/04/2001 Set Designer
29 Up Against the Wind New York Theatre Workshop 04/02/2001 Set Designer
30 Jesus Hopped the A train East 13th Street/CSC Theatre 11/29/2000 Set Designer
31 Kit Marlowe Joseph Papp Public Theater/ Newman Theater 11/19/2000 Set Designer
32 Young Playwrights Festival (2000) Cherry Lane Theatre 09/11/2000 Set Designer
33 Julius Caesar Delacorte Theater 08/20/2000 Set Designer
34 Our Place in Time Julia Miles Theater 01/26/2000 Set Designer
35 Look Back in Anger East 13th Street/CSC Theatre 10/17/1999 Set Designer
36 Stop Kiss Joseph Papp Public Theater/ Susan Stein Shiva Theater 11/17/1998 Set Designer
37 Retribution Lamb's Theatre 10/24/1998 Set Designer
38 The Adjustment Jewish Repertory Theatre 11/09/1997 Set Designer
39 Therese Raquin East 13th Street/CSC Theatre 10/29/1997 Set Designer
40 All My Sons Laura Pels Theatre (Former) 05/04/1997 Set Designer
41 How I Learned to Drive Vineyard Theatre 03/16/1997 Set Designer
42 Radio Gals John Houseman Theatre 10/01/1996 Set Designer
43 Entertaining Mr. Sloane East 13th Street/CSC Theatre 02/13/1996 Set Designer
44 Young Playwrights Festival (1995) Joseph Papp Public Theater/ Martinson Hall 10/04/1995 Set Designer
45 Iphigenia and Other Daughters East 13th Street/CSC Theatre 01/13/1995 Set Designer
46 The Autobiography of Aiken Fiction Samuel Beckett Theatre 04/26/1992 Set Designer