Peter Maloney

Personal Information

Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 On the Shore of the Wide World Linda Gross Theater 09/12/2017 Charlie Holmes
2 Dying For It Linda Gross Theater 01/08/2015 Father Yelpidy
3 3 Kinds of Exile Linda Gross Theater 06/11/2013 Captain / Father / Funiage
4 Much Ado About Nothing The Duke on 42nd Street 02/17/2013 Antonio / Sexton / The Watch
5 The Taming of the Shrew The Duke on 42nd Street 03/25/2012 Bartholomew / Curtis / The Tailor / Vincentio
6 The New York Idea Lucille Lortel Theatre 01/26/2011 Sudley
7 Ernest in Love Irish Repertory Theatre 12/20/2009 Dr. Chasuble
8 Trumpery Linda Gross Theater 12/05/2007 Owen / Williams
9 The Voysey Inheritance Linda Gross Theater 12/06/2006 George Booth
10 Celebration and The Room Linda Gross Theater 12/05/2005 Mr. Kidd
11 The Cherry Orchard Linda Gross Theater 06/16/2005 Boris Borisovich Semyonov-Pishchik
12 Mr. Fox: A Rumination Peter Norton Space 04/13/2004 Daly/Old Lady/Palmer/Pantaloon/Stage Crew
13 Right You Are National Actors Theatre/ The Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts at Pace University 12/07/2003 Signor Sirelli
14 Hobson's Choice Linda Gross Theater 01/10/2002 Doctor MacFarlane
15 Sexual Perversity in Chicago/The Duck Variations Linda Gross Theater 01/12/2000 N/A
16 The Water Engine / Mr. Happiness Linda Gross Theater 10/20/1999 N/A
17 The Cripple of Inishmaan Joseph Papp Public Theater/ Newman Theater 04/07/1998 Dr. McSharry
18 I Can't Remember Anything/The Last Yankee Peter Norton Space 01/11/1998 John Frick
19 Six Degrees of Separation Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater 06/14/1990 Larkin
20 Big and Little Marymount Manhattan Theatre 03/27/1979 Floyd/ Soren/ Intercom Voice/ Bernard/ Alf/ Patient
21 The Orphan Joseph Papp Public Theater/ Anspacher Theater 03/30/1973 Pylades/ Family
22 And They Put Handcuffs on the Flowers Mercer Arts Center 04/21/1972 Katar
23 Endgame Washington Square Methodist Church 05/30/1970 Clov
24 The Serpent: A Ceremony Washington Square Methodist Church 05/29/1970 Open Theatre Ensemble
25 Terminal Washington Square Methodist Church 05/26/1970 Open Theatre Ensemble
26 The Unseen Hand / Forensic and the Navigators1 Astor Place Theatre 04/01/1970 Forensic
27 The Experiment Orpheum Theatre 05/08/1967 Nicholas Tyler
28 Hotel Passionato East 74th Street Theatre 10/22/1965 Sailor
29 The Fourth Pig / The Fisherman2 Maidman Playhouse 01/26/1965 Peter Mitchell
30 The Fourth Pig / The Fisherman3 Maidman Playhouse 01/26/1965 Goodfellow Pincher

1Forensic and the Navigators.
2The Fisherman.
3The Fourth Pig.

Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 No Time Flat WPA Theatre 04/19/1988 Director
2 The Slab Boys Hudson Guild Theatre 11/25/1980 Director

Stage Manager
Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Double Talk Lucille Lortel Theatre 05/04/1964 Production Stage Manager
2 Telemachus Clay Writers Stage Theatre 11/15/1963 Stage Manager

Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 The Cherry Orchard Linda Gross Theater 06/16/2005 Magic Effects