Joe Masiell


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Non Pasquale Delacorte Theater 08/09/1983 Malatesta
2 Joe Masiell Not at the Palace Astor Place Theatre 12/11/1977 N/A
3 Tickles by Tucholsky Theater Four 04/26/1976 N/A
4 How to Get Rid of It Astor Place Theatre 11/17/1974 N/A
5 Leaves of Grass Theater Four 09/12/1971 N/A
6 Sensations Theater Four 10/25/1970 Lord Montague
7 Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris Village Gate/ Downstairs 01/22/1968 N/A REPLACEMENT
8 Cindy Cricket Theatre 01/19/1965 Chuck Rosenfeld
9 Cindy Gate Theatre 03/19/1964 Chuck Rosenfeld