Adam McAdam


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Der Ring Gott Farblonjet Charles Ludlam Theatre 04/08/1990 Twoton
2 Conquest of the Universe or Where Queens Collide One Sheridan Square 10/06/1979 Unknown
3 The Enchanted Pig Charles Ludlam Theatre 04/23/1979 Mother of the Moon
4 Stage Blood Charles Ludlam Theatre 05/24/1978 Carleton Stone/ Gilbert Fey
5 Utopia, Inc. One Sheridan Square 01/01/1978 Martok
6 Der Ring Gott Farblonjet Truck and Warehouse Theater 04/27/1977 Twoton
7 Caprice Provincetown Playhouse 04/15/1976 TaTa